Aerial Footage & Stills

These movies and stills reveal stunning views of the property and the neighborhood. We use multiple maneuvers on different clips and edit them seamlessly into a single movie. Click the caption or Menu above to see more.

360° Panoramas

Outdoor panoramas allow the viewer to get a feel for the yard and neighboring houses. Indoor panoramas allow the viewer to explore the house. Shot in HDR, these images are amazing. Click the caption or Menu above to see more.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours can combine aerial video, 360° panoramas, and multiple still photos in any combination. Still photos contain motion within the photos and fade into the next view as you explore the property. We shoot HDR to provide the best quality stills. Click the caption or Menu above to see more.

Wayne McGee Photography closed business December 31, 2022.


Agents, please note:

Using a drone for commercial purposes without an FAA Certified UAS pilot can result in huge fines for both you and your company. Skypan International was fined $200,000 for illegal flights. Published fines for individuals have ranged from $1,000 to $55,000. Using an unregistered drone can result in a $27,000 fine.

Neighborhoods near RDU are in Class C controlled air space and require a waiver from the FAA to fly even at reduced altitudes. Approximately 5 miles from RDU is Class G uncontrolled air space, but using a drone for commercial purposes still requires an FAA certified UAS pilot. Wayne McGee Photography is fully FAA compliant and we have already received multiple waivers to fly in Class C air space near RDU. Please let us know the address of the property early on so we can determine if an additional waiver is need. Waivers are now automated and granted in near real-time. We also carry a $1M liability insurance policy while flying onsite.